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David’s Tent 2015 tickets are available now! Please click here to be taken to the David’s Tent 2015 Eventbrite ticketing page.


Our desire at David’s Tent is for everyone to be able to come, regardless of their financial situation. We try to keep our ticket prices as low as possible and offer the following concessions:

1 Student ticket – Please see the Student and Youth option our Eventbrite booking page here

2 Unemployed – Those with proof that they are in receipt of Job Seeker’s Allowance

3 Personal – Those who are have a disability or other condition which prevents them from being able to pay the regular price.

4. Senior Citizens – Please see the Senior Citizen option towards the bottom of our Eventbrite booking page here

Please note that for categories 2 or 3, the applicant will need to contact at least six weeks prior to the event with the relevant documentation. Your request will then be carefully considered and one of our team will be in touch no later than four weeks before the event. Those who do not present the relevant documentation for their discounted tickets may be refused entry on site unless they are willing to make up the difference for an All Event Access ticket.